Uncategorized September 21, 2022

McCall Short Term Rental Changes

Thank you to BoiseDev for this update on Short Term Rentals in McCall:

McCall will cut number of occupants allowed in some short-term rentals

The city reported there are 524 short-term rentals within the McCall city limits. Of those, 511 are advertising an occupancy of more than two people per room. A change in the short-term rental code would only allow two people per bedroom plus two more people total.

The council’s decision for capping occupancy rates at two per bedroom plus two more is a step up from McCall’s Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation of just two per bedroom.

The current code says a person must obtain a conditional use permit for 20 or more occupants. The city is now changing this requirement to 10 people.

The city says the intent of the code amendment is twofold: to reduce neighborhood impacts to levels more consistent with a long-term rental or owner-occupied residential uses, and to ensure that short-term rentals are being operated in a safe and responsible manner.

Owners now must file with the city clerk to be granted a short-term rental permit before advertising the property.

The mayor and all council members voted to adopt the rule changes.

The rule changes go into effect on October 1st. Short-term rental owners can continue to operate under a general business license until December 31, 2022. They will have until January 1, 2024, to get inspections and complete proper permitting to comply with the rule changes.

Full Article:  McCall will cut number of occupants allowed in some short-term rentals (boisedev.com)