Uncategorized October 23, 2022

Are You Winter-Ready?

Are You Winter-Ready?

McCall received its first dusting of measurable snow overnight, and the temps have really plummeted. If you haven’t already, now is the time to winterize your cabin and get your car ready for snowy travel.

There are numerous checklists to be found online that will help you be winter-ready in both your home and automobile.  Here are two to get you started:

Auto Checklist:

*winter snow/ice/studded tires
*ice scraper and snow brush

*flashlight/flares/emergency flashers

*clay kitty litter for traction

*winter de-icing fluid

*re-check tire pressure

*carry water and snacks

*snow shovel

*first-aid kit



*jumper cables

*heavy duty tow strap


*cell phone charger

*always let someone know what roads you will be travelling

Cabin Checklist: 

*remove trash and perishable foods
*have propane topped off and have on auto refill if possible

*check fireplace flue

*check baseboard heaters and keep clear of any flammable materials

*change smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries

*remove liquids from cabin and garage that might freeze

*set thermostats to above freezing

*check weather stripping around doors and windows to minimize cracks

*open cabinet doors in kitchen and baths to help pipes from freezing/insulate pipes

*unplug kitchen appliances, tv’s, computers to save energy

*replace furnace filters

*set interior and exterior lights with timers

*ensure doors and windows are closed and locked

*shut garages, and any outbuildings such as sheds and boat houses

*drain outdoor hoses and insulate hose bibs

Happy Winter!