For Sale September 26, 2022

Cougar Island Home is For Sale

The State of Idaho had an auction for the lots on Cougar Island on September 14, click here for the sales update.   At the auction the owners of the lease land that has a home on the lot bid and won the lease land the home is on and no other lots were bid on or sold at the auction.    Now the owner has the home on the market and the description in the MLS  is the following;

Have you ever wanted to own your own private residence on a private island in Idaho? Never before available as a deeded ownership! The residence on Cougar Island in Payette Lake offers a unique opportunity. Completely off the grid, this self-sufficient residence was built to stand the test of time. Crescent shaped beach area, dock, storage shed, solar power system with back up propane generator. Access is via boat and limited in winter months.

It goes on from there , the catch is you need to buy before the closing date for the lot which is in mid-November this year.

Here is the link to the listing with more photos, let us know if you want a tour our boat is still in the water!